Champions of Norrath: Realms of Evequest PS2 cheats

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PS2 Cheat codes

PS2 Cheat Code

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Champions of Norrath: Realms of Evequest PS2 cheats


Duel Wield:
This works for the elf and the barbarian. At the beginning when you are giving a name to your character hold: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3 + R3 + TRIANGLE and press done.

Level 20 with 999 Skill Points:
Hold L1 + R2 + TRIANGLE and hit R3 during gameplay.

Dark Dirty Elves:
First make your character race be the dark elves. (Note: YOU MUST BE A GIRL DARK ELF!) Then once you make it to the very first dungeon, kill all the goblins on the first floor. After that happens, stand thre for a few seconds. The elf will say one of three things: "Smells like my dreamhouse," "I must meet the decorator," or, she will say "These dark places turn me on." She will say one of these three things "once" per new game. So make about four or five new games to hear her say every one of these things.
submitted by: Betta_Thn_U

Lv. 20 Instantly:
You HAVE to be a Lv. character for this to work! All you have to do is hold down L1,R2,Triangle,R3. You will have 999 points in Strength,Intelligence,Dexterity, and Stamina.
submitted by: Austin Schmidt

Easy items and money:
Start a game with two controllers. Press Start and select "Add/Remove Player". Select the slot for player two at the import screen then import the current character you are playing into the player two slot. Select "Finish" and player two
will now be a duplicate of your original character, with the same armor, weapons, and items. Sell the duplicated inventory items for money, then repeat.

Save exploit:
Make sure you have room on your memory card for more than one save. The idea behind the cheat is to import your own character into a map you control. So, if you are after experience fight your way through the game to a boss fight with an easily accessible save point. Fight the boss down to the last hit and then withdraw to the save point. Save the game, this will be the map reference. Now, go ahead and
wander back towards the boss and kill him. You gain the xp and loot of the boss fight. Return to the save point and save your game on . This will create a new save that we'll use to import from. Now, exit the game and reload your map reference save (1st save). Once inside your game, hit start and go to Add/Remove Players... Highlight your own character and hit triangle to import a character. Import your character that already has the boss experience into the map reference save you created and you now have the opportunity to kill
the boss again (in one blow no less) and regain his xp and loot.

Alternate exploit:
Utilizing the save method, you can effectively farm cash and items through item duplication. Drop the item on the ground you want duplicated from your map reference save and then import your character. Pick up the item and you now have 2, update your map reference save and then drop both items now. Import your character and pick up both items and you now have 4 of this item. This growth is exponential and over time will amount to insane amounts of cash if your selling, or you can duplicate your favorite weapon to dual wield, or just duplicate augmentations to slot into your armor.

NOTE: on the alternate exploit it is only necessary to have 1 save spot available.

Kill Bosses:
When playing in single player mode, make a duplicate of yourself to distract the Boss. The boss will attack your copy and not your original character.


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