Bleach: Blade Battles PS2 Cheat CodeBleach: Blade Battles PS2 Cheat Code

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Bleach: Blade Battles PS2 Cheat Code

Bleach: Blade Battles PS2 Cheat Code

Bonus characters

Get the indicated number of points in Mission mode to unlock the corresponding character:

    Abarai Renji: 3 points
    Aizen Sousuke: 70 points
    Hinamori Momo: 9 points
    Hitsugaya Toushiro: 15 points
    Ichimaru Gin: 45 points
    Kaname Tousen: 40 points
    Kon: 65 points
    Kuchiki Byakuya: 50 points
    Kurosaki Ichigo (Hollow): 60 points
    Kurotsuchi Mayuri: 35 points
    Madarame Ikkaku: 6 points
    Matsumoto Rangiku: 12 points
    Sajin Komamura: 18 points
    Shihouin Yoruichi: 27 points
    Soifon: 30 points
    Tsumugiya Ururu: 55 points
    Urahara Kisuke: 24 points
    Zaraki Kenpachi: 21 points

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