Beat Mania IIDX 9th Style PS2 cheats

Beat Mania IIDX 9th Style PS2 cheats

PS2 Cheat codes

Beat Mania IIDX 9th Style PS2 cheats

Beat Mania IIDX 9th Style PS2 cheats

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Beat Mania IIDX 9th Style PS2 cheats

Beat Mania IIDX 9th Style PS2 cheats

  • Song Unlocks:
    If you fail Arcade /Expert/Class mode, your count is reset for unlocking. Only exception is if your Arcade failure happened during Quasar.
    Beyond the Earth - Clear Arcade/Expert/Class Mode 3 times
    Jaeger Final Attack - Clear Arcade/Expert/Class Mode 6 times
    No.13 - Clear all songs new to 9th Style on any difficulty (including the other two unlocks)

    Enable Mirror+ and Random:
    Go to the modifier menu in Free Mode by pressing start. Hold down
    the first black (also dsignated as 2) key for two seconds and the modifier name will turn red. Random+ or Mirror+ will be activated. These modifiers can also be used simultaneously.

    Hold down the 2 key in the modifier menu after enabling Random+
    Enables Mirror+

    Hold down the 2 key for two seconds in the modifier menu
    Enables Random+

    Hold down the 2 key for two seconds after enabling Mirror+
    Enables simultaneous usage of Random+ and Mirror+

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