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PS2 Cheat codes

PS2 Cheat Code

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Backyard Baseball PS2 cheats

Backyard Baseball PS2 cheats

  • Abner Dubbleplay:
    Earn all twenty certificates to unlock Abner Dubbleplay as a player.

    Hit a homerun into the pool at Steele Stadium, into the swamp at Gator Flats, and into the lake at Frasier Field. The Aquadome stadium should now be unlocked.

    Barry Deejay:
    Have a saved game file from Backyard Basketball on your memory card.

    Better bats:
    To get a special bat (in any mode except tee-ball) you must get a double play. You can walk a man. When the other player comes up, he might hit a single. Note: Get a fast pitcher to run to first and tag the player out. Note: Sometimes you may strike out the person or not get him if you have two outs.

    Better performance:
    Put Amir Khan and Achmed Khan on the same team and both of their skills will increase. The same happens when Ashley Webber and Sidney Webber are on the same team.

    Major league players will have increased skills when playing for their real life team. For example, Randy Johnson will perform better when playing as an Arizona Diamondback.

    Certificate list:
    The certificates required to unlock Abner Dubbleplay are as follows:

    3 Homerun Game
    Grand Slam
    Hit The Cycle
    10 Strikeout Game
    3 Stolen Base Game
    Winning Pitcher
    Threw A No Hitter
    Threw A Shutout
    5 RBI Game
    MVP Of Game
    10 Career Hits
    30 Career Hits
    80 Career Hits
    5 Career Homeruns
    15 Career Homeruns
    30 Career Homeruns
    25 Strikeouts
    75 Strikeouts
    150 Strikeouts
    10 Pitching Wins
    20 Pitching Wins
    30 Pitching Wins
    10 Stolen Bases
    25 Stolen Bases
    50 Stolen Bases

    Derek Jeter:
    Execute two double plays in a single game in season mode.

    Greg Maddux:
    Win 20 games in season mode. Note: Try playing a 32 game season.

    Home Run Derby:
    Note: You have to be fast. Choose two people and select a third person immediately before the screen changes. This will help you get more hits and home runs.

    Mike Piazza:
    Hit a grand slam in season mode.

    Mr Clanky:
    Complete Clanky's Coaching Box.

    Pedro Martinez:
    Throw a shutout in season mode.

    Randy Johnson:
    Get 75 career strikeouts, which includes the playoffs. If you have any other pitcher, put him in. He does not have that good Running, Contact or Defense status, but is a very good pitcher.

    Shawn Green:
    Hit the ball to gain a base 60 times in season mode.



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