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Atari Anthology PS2 cheats

Atari Anthology PS2 cheats

  • Unlockable Game Challenges:
    Score the required amount of points for each ARCADE Games Challenge to Unlock the Games Challenges

    3D Tic Tac Toe challenges:
    Pong - Trippy (exceed oppenent by 6 points)

    Adventure challenges:
    Asteroids Deluxe - Double Speed (15,000 points)

    Air-Sea Battle challenges:
    Major Havoc - Hot Seat (60,000 points)

    Asteroids challenges:
    Asteroids - Trippy (10,000 points)

    Atari Video Cube challenges:
    Liberator - Trippy (8,000 points)

    Backgammon challenges:
    Centipede - Time Warp (17,000 points)

    Battlezone challenges:
    Battlezone - Time Warp (5,000 points)

    Black Jack challenges:
    Red Baron - Double Speed (2,500 points)

    Bowling challenges:
    Major Havoc - Time Challenge (24,000 points)

    Breakout challenges:
    Gravitar - Time Challenge (6,000 points)

    Canyon Bomber challenges:
    Major Havoc - Double Speed (35,000 points)

    Casino challenges:
    Space Duel - Time Warp (10,000 points)

    Centipede challenges:
    Centipede - Hot Seat (30,000 points)

    Circus Atari challenges:
    Pong - Time Warp (exceed oppenent by 1 point)

    Combats challenges:
    Red Baron - Time Challenge (1,400 points)

    Crystal Castles challenges:
    Crystal Castles - Trippy (10,000 points)

    Desert Falcons challenges:
    Asteroids - Hot Seat (20,000 points)

    Dodge challenge:
    Asteroids Deluxe - Trippy (15,000 points)

    Double Dunk challenges:
    Millipede - Hot Seat (35,000 points)

    Flag Capture challenges:
    Battlezone - Double Speed (5,000 points)

    Warlords challenges:
    Warlords - Time Warp (700 points)

    Video Pinball challenges:
    Liberator - Hot Seat (8,000 points)

    Video Olympics challenges:
    Black Widow - Double Speed (25,000 points)

    Football challenges:
    Missile Command - Trippy (10,000 points)

    Fun with Numbers challenges:
    Lunar Lander - Double Speed (400 points)

    Golf challenges:
    Pong - Double Speed (exceed oppenent by 3 points)

    Gravitar challenges:
    Gravitar - Double Speed (10,000 points)

    Hangman challenges:
    Gravitar - Hot Seat (10,000 points)

    Haunted House challenges:
    Lunar Lander - Time Challenge (100 points)

    Home Runs challenges:
    Red Baron - Time Warp (2,000 points)

    Human Cannonballs:
    Black Widow - Time Warp (20,000 points)

    Math Gran Prixs challenges:
    Major Havoc - Time Warp (30,000 points)

    Maze Craze challenges:
    Millipede - Time Challenge (15,000 points)

    Millipede challenges:
    Millipede - Trippy (30,000 points)

    Miniature Golf challenges:
    Space Duel - Time Challenge (6,000 points)

    Missile Command challenges:
    Missile Command - Double Speed (7,500 points)

    Night Driver challenges:
    Missile Command - Time Challenge (2,500 points)

    Off the Wall challenges:
    Centipede - Time Challenge (18,000 points)

    Outlaw challenges:
    Crystal Castles - Hot Seat (15,000 points)

    Quadrun challenges:
    Tempest - Hot Seat (10,000 points)

    Radar Lock challenges:
    Gravitar - Trippy (15,000 points)

    RealSports Baseball challenges:
    Warlords - Double Speed (800 points)

    RealSports Football challenges:
    Tempest - Trippy (7,500 points)

    RealSports Tennis challenges:
    Battlezone - Trippy (10,000 points)

    Yars Revenge challenges:
    Tempest - Double Speed (6,000 points)

    Surround challenges:
    Missile Command - Hot Seat (15,000 points)

    Super Football challenges:
    Asteroids Deluxe - Hot Seat (35,000 points)

    Super Breakout challenges:
    Super Breakout - Trippy (60 points)

    Super Baseball challenges:
    Asteroids - Time Challenge (8,000 points)

    Submarine Commander challenges:
    Lunar Lander - Time Warp (200 points)

    Street Racer challenges:
    Battlezone - Hot Seat (50,000 points)

    Stellar Trek challenges:
    Crystal Castles - Time Warp (15,000 points)

    Steeplechase challenges:
    Asteroids Deluxe - Time Challenge (11,000 points)

    Star Ship challenges:
    Centipede - Double Speed (20,000 points)

    Star Raiders challenges:
    Black Widow - Trippy (30,000 points)

    Sprintmaster challenges:
    Asteroids - Time Warp (10,000 points)

    Space War challenges:
    Pong - Hot Seat (50 points)

    Slot Racers challenges:
    Warlords - Trippy (1,000 points)

    Slot Machine challenges:
    Super Breakout - Time Challenge (45 points)

    Skydiver challenges:
    Liberator - Double Speed (7,000 points)

    RealSports Volleyball challenges:
    Super Breakout - Hot Seat (70 points)

    Swordquest EarthWorld challenges:
    Black Widow - Time Challenge (10,000 points)

    Swordquest FireWorld challenges:
    Liberator - Time Warp (5,000 points)

    Swordquest WaterWorld challenges:
    Lunar Lander - Trippy (300 points)

    Video Checkers challenges:
    Millipede - Time Warp (40,000 points)

    Video Chess challenges:
    Crystal Castles - Time Challenge (13,000 points)



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