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25 To Life PS2 cheats

25 To Life PS2 cheats


  • Beatdown bonus level

    Successfully complete all twelve levels and mission objectives to unlock the Beatdown bonus level. The bonus level is fifteen waves with no reward.

  • Level bonuses

    Level 1 "Warehouse"

      Defeat 20 enemies: Flaming Beanie
      Get to your car: Freeze's Starting Outfit
      Take two Human Shields: 25 To Life Decals

    Level 2 "Apartment"

      Cover up 4 tags: Black Bandanna
      Defeat 25 enemies: Barbed Wire Hat
      Return to you car: Rick Ta Life Outfit

    Level 3 "Downtown"

      Break into ATMs (shoot them): Gold Earrings
      Complete level without dying: White Sweatband
      Defet 25 Enemies: Westside Knife Tat
      Escape to your getaway car: Bank Robbing Outfit

    Level 4 "Culdesac"

      Achieve 20% Accuracy: Holster
      Apprehend 5 felons: Kneepads (press Triangle to take out the Zapper, stun them, go up to them and press Circle to arrest)
      Get the evidence to Mendoza's car: Officer Williams
      Keep your partner alive: Tactical Vest

    Level 5 "Club"

      Achieve 25% Accuracy: Big Mustache
      Apprehend 4 drug dealers: ATF Decals (dealers are the white people with green jerseys)
      Get to the subway: DJ Envy Outfit
      Register 8 Head Shots: Riot Helmet

    Level 6 "Subway"

      Achieve 30% Accuracy: Big Dawg Tat
      Defeat 24 enemies: Sideburns
      Free a cop: Full Tac Harness
      Trap Shaun in subway train: Shaun's Getaway Outfit

    Level 7 "Tijuana"

      Defeat 60 enemies: Clock Cap Decal
      Find Riggs at the club: Shaun's TJ Outfit
      Tag over 4 gang tags: Mexican Flag Bandanna

    Level 8 "Casino"

      Defeat 45 enemies: Oozie Chest Tat
      Escape with loot: Federates Outfit
      Register 12 headshots: Scorpion Black Tat
      Rob five cash carts: Triple Bracelets

    Level 9 "Penthouse"

      Defeat 32 enemies: Camo Pants
      Register 16 headshots: Chest Flame Tat

    Level 10 "Prison"

      Defeat 30 enemies: No Parole Decal
      Finish Level: Freeze's Prison Outfit
      Protect Lazarus: Chinese Pain Tat

    Level 11 "Mall"

      Break into 5 ATMs: Black Gloves
      Complete level without dying: Red Hightops
      Finish level: Freeze's Mall Outfit

    Level 12 "Hacienda"

      Defeat 30 Enemies: G Cap Decal
      Find 5 secret stashes: Bulldog Chain (in the Waterpool Courtyard there are two stashes in the vases. In front of the house on the right side in the yard is a stash in a vase. On the deck before entering is a vase with a stash. Before you fight Shaun there is a vase with a stash in front on the spiral staircase)
      Kill Shaun: Daz and Tech N9ne

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